Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aileendoll Plapicos Assembly

Hi everyone!! Here is another video about the Aileendoll Plamodel Pico dragons. I hope you are not bored about this because I have so many plans for these tinies! Today I have a video to share with you all, regarding how to assemble and take apart the little dragons.

Assembling them is very easy to do, but in case you are planning to get them and never assembled a scale model, this video contains some very basic information, such as how to find the correct pieces, how to push and lock the parts, and other stuff. At the end, I also show how to take the dragon apart, if you are planning on cleaning or blushing it.

As always, the video has English and Spanish subs, so I hope you will find this useful! If you have any questions, let me know.

This was all for today! Next update on this series should be eye fitting, and I hope that will be interesting as well! I finally got my dragon's urethane eyes, so I'll be doing a review on those as well. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Atelier Momoni Twin Eyes ~ Review

My tiny crew finally have their proper eyes!! This was a huge story, honestly, so let me make a summary before starting xD

In July 2016, hubby bought me eyes for my dolls from AllThatGlitters (see review here). The eyes got stuck 6 months (yup, six) at customs and when I finally got them on January 2017, I found out they were definitely not the correct iris size (my mistake!). So, here comes Lola from Atelier Momoni (read my interview with her here!). I knew she made eyes, and she was willing to make an exception and make a commission for me.

After a lot of cons, comings, and goings, they eyes shipped. And here I was waiting, in summer, with my packages frozen at custom. Honestly, each tiny custom movement took 1 week!! And then, one day, boom, "out for delivery". No customs duties, no paperwork. I almost screamed at the office. Two hours later, hubby confirmed me he got the package at home.

So, I made a video review of the eyes (under the cut) and there are also some more anecdotes and photos under the cut.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nyx is Painted!

Okay, this is actually my second faceup ever, since I first painted Aion (my Ashes). However, though I loved him, he didn't look good in photos, so I wiped him out.

Nyx was my second attempt! Before painting her, I tried painting on paper with the pastels I would use for her... just to "know" the materials better. So far, I'm quite happy with the results! She is wearing customs eyes from TalesFromTheShrike (you can read the interview here). The hands seen these photos are my mom's.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Interview with Lomi's Playground

Hello everybody!! It is time for the first interview of this year!! I had the honor of interviewing someone really talented: an amazing content creator for the BJD and doll-hobby: Lomilmalinde from Lomi's Playground. She shares incredible and detailed tutorials from a wide range of topics (faceups, mods, sewing, wigs, and more) for free!

I also need to extend a very special thank you to Lomi for doing this interview in such short timespan. As always, the text is in English and Spanish, and all the images and videos are used with permission.

So, let's start!

Hi there! Thank you so, so much for agreeing to the interview! Will you introduce yourself to the readers?
Thanks so much for having me! So, my name is Beth, but most people online know me as Lomi from my YouTube channel, Lomi’s Playground. I’m kind of an all-purpose artist living in the land of the Delta blues, Tennessee, in the United States. I’m actually a transplant to the south—I grew up near St. Louis, Missouri and haven’t learned how to make a perfect pitcher of sweet tea just yet, but I’m learning!
¡Hola! ¡Muchas, muchas gracias por aceptar la entrevista! ¿Te introducirías a los lectores?
¡Muchas gracias por tenerme! Mi nombre es Beth, pero la mayoría online me conoce como Lomi, por mi canal de YouTube, “Lomi’s Playground”. Soy una especie de artista todo-terreno viviendo en la tierra del Delta azul, Tennessee, en Estados Unidos. De hecho soy un transplante –crecí cerca de St. Louis en Missouri, y todavía no he aprendido a hacer un té dulce perfecto ¡pero estoy aprendiendo!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

AileenDoll Plamodel Pico Dragons Review

First video of the AileenDoll dragons is here!! The complete name is AileenDoll Plamodel Pico Dragons. They are 8cm tall, and are the equivalent to the Pico resin versions of the dragons, though they have some differences. By the time of writing this article, these dragons can be acquired at:
People located on European countries cannot order from the international site, as their orders will be cancelled and refunded. For now (at the time of writing), they have the following dragons available:
  • Pico Violet, in violet plastic, pink plastic and white plastic (this is only available on offline -conventions- events).
  • Pico Ashes, in gray plastic and white plastic.
  • Rot has been anounced but not yet released.
So, the following video is a general review including packaging, mobility, overall differences with resin versions, and a brief comparison with tiny dolls. After the cut, there are also photos of the comparison, just for completion's sake.