Saturday, December 16, 2017

Interview with Shrike Aesthetics

Hello there!! I know it is mid-December, but this interview is very special to me! I want to itnroduce you to Charlie from Tales From The Shrike: she is a rising artists that makes faceups but also crafts amazing fantasy urethane eyes for really good prices. I need to be honest, I also have an order incoming from her, and I can't wait to show it to you!

Anyways, the interview is in both English and Spanish, and all photos were used with permission, as always. So, without further ado...!

Hi there! Thank you for doing the interview! :D
Thank you so much for asking me! It’s an honor. My name is Charlie, but I’m probably better known by my handle ‘Talesfromtheshrike’ and my shop name ‘Shrike Aesthetics’ I am a faceup artist and also recent eye maker based in the Pacific Northwest in the USA.
¡Hola! ¡Gracias por aceptar la entrevista!
¡Gracias por solicitarlo! Es un honor. Mi nombre es Charlie, pero seguro que me conocen más por mi pseudónimo “Tales From The Shrike” y mi tienda “Shrike Aesthetics”. Soy una artista de maquillaje y reciente creadora de ojos, localizada en el pacífico noroeste, en los Estados Unidos.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Balance for 2017!

Well, it is that time of the year, and it means that it is time to make a recap about what goals I settled for this year, and what I have achieved. I was a little scared of doing this, as I thought that I hadn't achieved most of my goals... but I was wrong!! So let's make this, shall we?

You can see the original goals post here. I will just summarize them here.

Goals Balance

1. Share more about my dolls' story
I did this!! I think I shared many lore and photostories for Cookie and Merry, and also many chapters of Coco and Venezia, even though I barely have props for them, though! (Talking about the minis, the tinies are overwhelming me with props!).

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Interview with Granado

Last month of the year, means a new interview! First of all, let me whine of how fast time goes, as this December, my blog is hitting 5 years! I cannot believe it!! 5 years of dolls and blogging, amazing!! Anyways, today's interview is with Granado Doll, and the questions are answered by Ikaru (the manager) and Crocus (the sculptor).

As always, it is available in English and Spanish, and all photos are used with permission. I hope you will enjoy it! Let's start!

Hello! Thanks for accepting the interview!
Hello everyone, this is Ikaru. I am the manager of Granado. Nice to meet you guys! And Crocus Lee, our sculptor, will also be here to answering any questions.
¡Hola! Gracias por aceptar la entrevista.
Hola a todos. Soy Ikaru, el manager the Granado. ¡Encantado de conocerlos! Además, Crocus Lee, nuestro escultor, también estará aquí respondiendo las preguntas.

Doll Granado Enoch, The Dark Lord version.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Tiny Dollhouse

Well, I had this want of sewing something loli, full of ribbons and laces and what-not, so I asked my mom if she wanted a new dress for Calina, since she loves to put her on that style. Once I had the dress, I started trying things with the new lens... which did not work at all. Until I found this tiny dollhouse, which was a present from a friend.

So have a cute Calina here, and more rambles and anecdotes under the cut!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Musume&Okasan Sales!!

It is that time of the year!! Since Black Friday is around the corner, starting from today and until Monday 27th, we are having huge discounts on our Etsy store! Starting from 20% and up to 50%, and applied to stock items only!

Check us out, as we have bags, shoes, cardigans, sweater and a lot of accesories!