Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Project! Halloween Garden Diorama

So, I know we are not even close to Halloween, but crafting takes time as everything has to dry in order to move forwards, and during week days I'm not able to do much, so better get started with time. When I did the diorama for my tinies I found some lovely photos of Halloween-themed fairy gardens, and immediately got an idea for it! So some days ago I got some supplies I was missing, and here I am.

As before, my idea is to make everything able to assemble/disassemble, for easy storage, and to take up as little space as I can. I got a new box to organize my diorama supplies, so I got enabled to make more props, haha!

Okay, the detailed project journal is on DoA here.

The smaller image you see on the right is the one that inspired me for this project. At the end, I do hope to make a short video too! :D More info and WIP photos under the cut.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Shimmering Red

Sometime ago, the lovely Roterwolkenvogel sent me some props for my diorama, and I have been wanting to send her something as a thank you. Considering that she also helped me when I was searching for the correct eye size for Venezia, and later sent me photos for the video review I made... I though, why not make a dress for her amazing Pazuzu?

So, here it is! The dress is completely sewn by hand, as always, and this time I dared to 'embroider' it a little. I must confess, I'm so proud of that corset fitting, honestly. No wrinkles, regardless the embroidering!!! But, as with all sewing, I also have some anecdotes to share... under the cut!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Timely Bday Present!

Well, I honestly cannot believe this! This year hubby had to chase me -literally- because I was not sure of wanting a gift. I had some ideas in mind but I didn't want to buy anything or spend money. After some convincing arguments from him, I caved in.

This gift is a book about period clothing, of which I hope to get the other volumes too! It has patterns, but most of all, it teaches about construction, where to measure and so on. And I have so many ideas and projects of period clothing for my dolls. I actually found this book through a girl on the Discord BJD server!

I have some things I want to share of it, and Cookie is helping me! There are several anecdotes and interesting stuff after the cut. And more photos!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Researching BJDs: 16cm Tinies!

Ah well, you know me. I love doing research. Plus, I think these series of posts may be useful to somebody! This one is actually... of my interest. I have had some fairy characters in mind, and I found myself window shopping for tinies, until I realized I haven't seen a list of companies. So here it is!

What it is included here? 16cm tinies, which are usually childish, stylized and looking like a chibi with huge heads. I'm not including anthro tinies, but if anyone is interested I may do a separated list for those too. Since these are not like the minis, I'm including other info for them.

However, please take in mind that I selected them based on my own subjective criteria. This means: 16cm tall (more or less), heads around 5-6" wigs, not anthro, stylized and not realistic. So, without further ado, you can find the list under the cut! At the bottom there is also a list of cancelled/sold-out lines, just to have that info in there.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Interview with Summomo

Hello there! I know we are a couple days ahead, but it is time for a new interview! This time, let me introduce you to Maria, the artist of Summomo! In case you don't know her, she does amazing footwear for BJD by hand, and has several styles and materials.

As always, the interview is both in English and Spanish, and all photos are used with permission. This time, though, the translation is the English version, so I apologize for any mistakes. So, without further ado...!

Hi there! Thank you for accepting the interview!
Hello! Thanks to you for counting with me for the interview. My name is Maria and I’m from Spain, precisely from Malaga, also known as the Sun’s Coast. My nickname comes from Chobbits manga, the small robot called Summomo. It was a personal joke at home, because I’m to active, getting oriented on trips, doing to-do lists… I used it on my personal blog and in forums, but I never thought it would end up as a definitive name. I didn’t want to lose my contacts when I started my store, and Summomo stayed as an official name! Maybe the logo is more personal than the name, which is a momiji leaf. I love Japan ♥
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por aceptar la entrevista!
Hola!! Muchas gracias a ti por contar conmigo para la entrevista. Me llamo María, soy de España, concretamente de Málaga también conocida como la Costa del Sol. Mi apodo evidentemente viene de los comic de Chobbits, el pequeño robots que se llama Sumomo. Era mi mote de broma en casa, por lo de ser activa, orientarnos en las viajes, hacer listas de tareas pendientes… lo usaba en mi blog personal y en foros pero nunca pensé que se quedaría como nombre definitivo. Cuando la tienda empezó no quería perder a las personas que me conocían y ¡Summomo se quedó cómo nombre oficial! Quizás es más personal el logo, que es una hoja roja de arce japonés (momiji) me encanta Japón ♥