Sunday, April 30, 2017

Interview with MiyaDoll

Hello everybody! I know we are a day ahead, but I wanted to share this interview with you! Please welcome Ji-Won aka Miya from MiyaDoll. She is an independent sculptor from Korea who recently started her own brand. I love her work, honestly!

As always, all images are used with permission, and you can click on the doll photos to go to the sales pages. Also, the interview in both English and Spanish. Hope you will find it interesting!

Hi there! Thank you so much for the interview! Want to introduce you to the readers?
Hello. I'm Miya. I'm glad to meet you!!^.^ I am the representative and main sculptor of MiyaDoll. My actual name is Hong Ji-Won. Let me introduce myself briefly. I am Korean. I majored sculpture in University, and worked as a sculptor for four years. I'm doing my own business right now!
¡Hola! ¡Muchas gracias por aceptar la entrevista! ¿Te presentarías a los lectores?
Hola, soy Miya. ¡Encantada de conocerte! ^.^ Soy la representante y principal escultora de MiyaDoll. Mi nombre real es Hong Ji-Won. Déjame introducirme brevemente. Soy de Korea, y me gradué de escultura en la Universidad, trabajando como escultora por cuatro años. ¡Ahora mismo tengo mi propio negocio!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tuxedo Dress

Hello there! Today is not a great post, but I wanted to share some things and ideas regarding the tuxedo dress I made for Venezia on the previous photostory. My main goal was to also link this post to my sewing portfolio, as I hope to be doing commissions again soon.

Anyways, Venezia's dress is inspired on the tuxedo dress from L'Wren Scott Fashion Show from 2009 (second photo, here). It took me a little to make, as I've been doing a lot of extra hours at work, but I very much love the shape, and I think the fit is nice! However, I think it is not best shape for Venzia's big breast... maybe something with more cleavage and more colorful would look a thousand times better.

Here is a photo and more sewing-ranting under the cut.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

All That Glitters Eyes ~ Review

Hello! Yes, I should have posted this ages ago, but Merry and Cookie's bday happened, and then I had another delayed review... but oh well. This eyes were bought to me as a present from my husband on August 2016, but they were stuck for 6 months at customs! They arrived on February 2017, safe and sound.

However, silly me had ordered the wrong size (all my fault, honestly) and they were too tiny for Cookie and Merry! Good thing is that I was able to sell them quickly, and I have placed a new order, this time of 3 pairs: Kitty Cookie is getting matchy-matchy urethanes too! :D Hope this package won't be stuck at customs, or I'm gonna scream.

Anyways, before selling them, I recorded this review, so here it is! Close up photos under the cut.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Second Photoshoot ~ Story Time

Hello! Here we are again with another part of the story :D I'm so sorry for not posting this before, but between my tinies bdays and making the dress for Venezia, I had no choice. Coco's dress is the one I made for her bday on 2016, as I was never happy with the photos I took of it, and thought it deserved a second chance.

I have several anecdotes about Venezia's dress too, but I will split this on two posts. Here is the story, and there will be another post with outfits photos, a little tale about my inspiration, and so on. I will do it that way, so I can link the second post to my sewing portfolio.

Anyways! This time the text was almost 3 pages... I wanted to write a little more, but I didn't want to annoy people, so I left it for another "chapter". Hopefully, it will be out soon, but my perfectionist self reads each text around three times, which slows me down.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Interview with Raquel Clemente

Another month means another interview! This time I had the honor of interviewing Raquel Clemente, a very talented faceup artist from Spain, who also works on Monster High and Pullip dolls. The interview is both in English and Spanish, and all the photos were used with permission. I hope you will love this interview as much as I enjoyed working with her!

And without further ado, let's start!

Hello! It is an honor to have this interview with you!
Hi! First of all, I want to thank you, Musume, for inviting me to the interview. It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate in such a pretty and complete blog.
My name is Raquel, I was born in 1989, and I’m from Seville, a gorgeous city in southern Spain. Since I was a child I’ve had a strong attraction to everything art-related. I love painting and drawing, and that is why I majored in Art, and got a specialization degree on engraving and graphic design. My favorite things are illustrations, music, photography, reading, dolls, make up. I’m also an animal lover, specially cats. In fact, I have three :-)
¡Hola! ¡Es un honor hacer esta entrevista contigo!
¡Hola! Primero de todo, quiero darte las gracias, Musume, por invitarme a hacer esta entrevista. Es un placer para mí poder colaborar en un blog tan bonito y completo como el tuyo.
Mi nombre es Raquel, nací en el año 1989 y soy de Sevilla, una preciosa ciudad al sur de España. Desde pequeña he tenido una fuerte atracción por todo lo que esté relacionado con el arte. Me encanta dibujar y pintar, es por eso que estudié la carrera de Bellas Artes y me licencié en la especialidad de grabado y diseño gráfico. La ilustración, la música, la fotografía, la lectura, las muñecas, el maquillaje, son algunas de las cosas que más me gustan. También soy una gran amante de los animales, en especial de los gatos, de hecho tengo tres. :-)