Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hybrid: Minifee & Withdoll Hybrid

A long time ago... well, actually, it was 2013 xD Anyways, in 2013 I did a post about a possible MNF and Withdoll hybrid. The thing is a lot of people have contacted me about this, but I honestly had no more information about that. I also have the collab post about general mature minis hybrids. You can see those posts here:
However, in March, @Mista_Isilme from Instagram (check her page here) contacted me has she had new info! She did some testings of her own and offered me the info so I could spread the word out. I thought this was a great idea! So here it is another collaboration, and I hope anyone looking to make such hybrid would find it useful :D

All photos and info written below are provided by @Mista_Isilme and used with permission!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cookie Miu ~ Character Info

As promised before, it is time for Cookie's character info! I'm using the same questionnaire I created for Merry, so if you want it to use it for your own chars, feel free to ask so I can send you the template. This time, both Cookies (fairy and kitten) are on the same sheet, as they are both the same character but on different forms.

As you can guess, I once again requested my hubby's help to pick the outfit's colors, as I wanted them to match the background, once again. I can't help it, I love glitter stuff, blurry backgrounds and bokeh on my photos.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Aileendoll Plapicos: Eye Fitting & Requirements

Hey there everyone!! I'm sharing with you another video I created about the Aileendoll Plamodel Pico dragons. This time, it is about eye fitting and their requirements, since these little ones may be a little hard to shop eyes for. This is mostly because of their construction.

The following video summarizes all the info. I also included owner photos, which are from a collaboration with amazing people in Instagram! I need to thank them personally: @sarejolimm, @lesliefox, @eyecntct, and @lemonpopdoll. All of them contributed with owner photos and information about their dragons' eyes.

Anyways, without further ado, here is the video! There are some photos under the cut!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Interview with Dollpamm

This year April's Fool meets Easter and it also means new interview! It is a seasonal day, indeed! Anyways, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mes, the sculptor behind Dollpamm and their unique aesthetics! I hope you will enjoy this interview!

As always all images are provided by Dr. Mes and used with their permission. This is also in English and Spanish, so I hope you can enjoy the interview! Let's start!

Hi there! Thank you so, so much for agreeing to the interview! Will you introduce yourself to the readers?
Hello! Nice to meet you. I am the owner and Doll artist of Dollpamm. I sincerely thank you for giving me an opportunity to interview. I feel so happy to have interview. My Korean name is Bae Sung Ho. People in BJD know me as 'Dr.Mes', which is my sculptor nickname. In South Korea, hospital doctors call the surgical knife “Mes”, and Surgery Age Mes is my favorite tool and is used in sculpting, silicone mold making, resin molding, various work areas. For this reason I chose the nickname of the sculptor as Dr.Mes and I have been using this sculptor name for about 8 years. Currently I am working in the quiet outskirts of Korea. I was working in the city center by 2014. But for health and a better work environment, I moved my atelier to the clean air, quiet outskirts.
¡Hola! Muchas, muchas gracias por aceptar la entrevista. ¿Te presentarías a los lectores?
¡Hola! Encantado de conocerte, soy el dueño y artista de Dollpamm. Te agradezco sinceramente la oportunidad de la entrevista, me ha puesto muy feliz. Mi nombre koreano es Bae Sung Ho. Las personas en el hobby BJD me conocen como ‘Dr. Mes’ que es mi nombre de escultor. En Korea del Sur los doctores de hospital le dicen ‘mes’ al bisturí y éste es una de mis herramientas favoritas. Se usa en modelado, al crear moldes de silicona, de resina, y varias áreas de trabajo. Por este motivo, elegí el nombre ‘Dr. Mes’ y lo he estado usando desde hace 8 años. Actualmente trabajo en las afueras de Korea. Hasta 2014 estuve en el centro, pero por salud y mejor ambiente de trabajo, moví mi atelier al aire limpio y tranquilo de las afueras.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Search ~ Story Time

It is time for another story!! I originally wanted to make this for V's birthday on January, but I wasn't able. I apologize (or maybe not) because this chapter is a lot shorter than the others... but the turth is, it simply a link between what happened before and what is going to happen now.

Also, I needed an excuse to take a photo of Venezia at that wall, since is the only sort of "outside" place I could get to emulate the location described on the chapter. I already took photos of Calina there, which happens to be a roof! xD

Anyways, picture my husband with an umbrella to safeguard V from the sun, and me doing my camera-yoga-too-much-sun-I-can't-see-the-screen thing, to get decent-non-shaky shots.